Devil Bounce


Fairly competitive with lots of tools against common threats.

Main Strategy: Get huge Angelas, Collectors, Bishops and Devil Dinosaurs by bouncing and replaying 1-0 cost cards.


- Drop a bunch of 1-drops in one location, then bounce with Beast. Replay those 1-drops as 0-drops, and bounce them again with Falcon.

- Drop Angela alongside those 1-drops, bounce with Beast, then replay Angela elsewhere.

- Drop Angela, then 1-drops, then Falcon them away to create more space for Angela.

- With all the bouncing and card generation going on, you will very often have 7 cards in hand, leading to big Devil Dinos.

- Having discounted Hoods, Agent 13s, and Sentinels mean you can proc Angela, Collector, Bishop, and Devil Dino at the same time for huge power swings.

- Devil Dino, Collector, and Bishop really help against lane denial like Storm.

- Iceman and Korg is a small, but fairly effective disruption package to sometimes screw over those OP decks.

- Low cost decks are weak against Wave. That's where Devil Dino comes in handy.

Other Tips:

- Sometimes it's better to play Elektra on turn 6, so your opponent doesn't have a chance to fill the empty spot left behind by the dead 1-drop.

- Don't forget, you can't bounce cards if your hand is full.

- This deck is reeeeeallly weak to Sandman.