Remix of Death's "Cheap deck to infinity" : https://snap.fan/decks/8748/

Changes from original deck :

-Sunspot : Don't have this card, have substituted Nightcrawler, which is more flexible - you can move him to any location that you can't play cards in (e.g. Death's Domain) or the lane that Storm is locking down

-Morph : Not really reliable, sometimes he gets you total junk (especially against bots) and sometimes you get an opponents card that is bad for your own lane. I've substituted him with Mister Fantastic, again because he's good with any location (especially in the middle when he's basically 6-power)

-The 4 energy slots : Jessica Jones + one other 4 drop of your choice (White Queen, Enchantress, Shang-Chi, Sandman)

Play notes :

- You can play Angela, then Nightcrawler, then move Nightcrawler out of the lane. This gives Angela the bonus, and frees up one space for yet another Angela Bonus

- There's no 5 drop in this deck - to ensure that you have a follow up play to Turn 3 Storm.

- Lizard into Storm in a lane will either win you the lane or make your opponent overcommit

- Scarlet Witch/Storm gets rid of locations that aren't good for you (which is esentially the main idea of the deck)

Changelog :

Patch 6.9 : Jessica Jones has her changed from 5/8(10) to 4/4(8) so she's now a more or less staple of this deck since she now costs 4 energy and can be dropped right after Storm