BAST & VAKYRIE Cerebro-3 Technology - Series 4/5 - Willow


Today I'll post a deck with each new card joining MARVEL SNAP's expansive roster. For those not caught up, that includes the following list of cards;

Series #4:

  1. Luke Cage
  2. Absorbing Man
  3. She-Hulk
  4. Titania
  5. Mariah Hill
  6. Agent Coulson
  7. Helicarrier
  8. M'Baku
  9. Attuma
  10. Orka

Series #5

  1. Bast
  2. Shuri
  3. Thanos
  4. Galactus
  5. Valkyrie
  6. Super Skrull

As with each deck I post today, these decks are just starting points/theory crafts. \<3 keep being awesome people!

Cerebro-3 with Bast and Valkyrie

This deck uses 2/16 cards mentioned, #Bast and #Valkyrie, which enable a pretty cool strategy for Cerebro-3. Namely, Onslaught. Typically Onslaught ruins our Cerebro's effect. However, thanks to Bast and Valkyrie, we can set Onslaught's power to 3, enabling new routes and combos for the deck. Similar things can be said for the Sera, though if you only own Bast or Valkyrie and not both, I would avoid running the sera because of draw consistency.


Valkyrie's main home seems to be Cerebro-3. But I think she is just a good card in general, so it wouldn't surprise me to see her pop-up in other decks too.


Bast enables our Onslaught strategy, but the card also has other homes. It's an excellent Deadpool/Human Torch enhancer, Kazar decks could probably see a decent amount of value from Bast too. All around, just a really nice card.