Infinite CL 1000 Generic Destroy


Reached infinite with this at CL1000. 60% winrate and averages 1 cube per game. Based on a reddit user submission, I forgot the username.

Possible replacement/upgrades:

Lizard -> Mysterio (be mindful of location space for Captain Marvel)
Captain Marvel -> Anything that gives reach (Vision , Doctor Doom )
Shang-Chi , Enchantress , Killmonger should be swapped in/out depending on what you face, this is probably the most important part of the deck. Didn't find place for Cosmo but can be swapped in if the meta requires.

Game plan

This deck is consistent but relies heavily on a counter card dropped on turn 6 to get these 4/8 cubes.  Play the generic destroy package, cable to know what you are playing against.
Play Marvel on 5, Dino on 6 (or do a turn 6 counter with a tech card).

Pay attention to initiative!