Marvel Snap Card Variants

Absorbing Man
On Reveal: If the last card you played has an On Reveal, copy its text. (if it's in play)
Agent Coulson
On Reveal: Add a random 4-Cost and 5-Cost card to your hand.
Black Cat
If this is in your hand after the turn, discard it.
Bucky Barnes
When this is destroyed, replace it with the Winter Soldier.
Colleen Wing
On Reveal: Discard the lowest-cost card from your hand.
You can only play this at locations where you are winning.
Doctor Octopus
On Reveal: Pull 4 random cards from your opponent's hand to their side of this location.
Howard the Duck
Ongoing: Tap this to see the top card of your deck.
When a card moves here on turn 6, destroy it.
Misty Knight
We've got to save this city.
Nick Fury
On Reveal: Add 3 random 6-Cost cards to your hand.
Professor X
Ongoing: Lock down this location. (Cards can't be added, removed, etc.)
Ongoing: +1 Power for each opposing card at this location.
When this is destroyed, return it to your hand. It costs 0.
The Hood
On Reveal: Add a Demon to your hand.