Snap Fan World Championship FAQ



Rules • Joining the Discord is mandatory.

  • Please treat your opponents and staff with respect. All rulings made by the Head Judges are final.
  • Make sure you Check-in prior to Tournament Start.
  • Deck lists are open. You must use the one deck that you submit upon application for the entire tournament.
  • If you accidentally enter a match with the wrong deck and/or quit out of the match, you will receive a game loss and a warning. Screenshot proof is required.
  • If you knowingly queue a different deck to the one submitted, you will be disqualified.
  • Matches are a full Battle Mode. Best of 1. Match codes must be shared in your CommunityGaming chat.
  • Make sure that you ‘ready-up’ in time. If your opponent has not shown up 5 minutes after the round start, please raise a match dispute.
  • Upon Round start, it is the responsibility of both participants to communicate in the CommunityGaming chat immediately. The time log and participation in utilizing the CommunityGaming chat will be a determining factor for Administrators in participation rulings and time-out/draw rulings.
  • There is a 30-minute check-in window ahead of each tournament. Tournaments on CommunityGaming will start automatically at their assigned start time.
  • You cannot join the tournament late. This will result in a Drop from the tournament automatically.
  • Once you are in your match room, please put something in the CommunityGaming chat so Tournament Supervisors know you made it to your table.
  • If a disconnect occurs, wait for the 'Waiting for opponent' timer to reach 0. Screenshot the result as evidence then raise a match dispute to be awarded a game win.
  • If you have an issue during the match, please raise a match dispute and a member of our staff will come to help you.
  • If your match is on-going 40 minutes after the round starts, it will be ruled as a tie. If you’d like to request an extension, please advise the Head Judges.
  • Once your match is finished, please record your score (1-0) for the winner. You must report your own score. Upload a screenshot to verify the result.
  • Effective August 2023, IDs (Intentional Draws) are NOT permitted in any round.
  • If a match in Round 7 or 8 is approaching the 40-minute time limit and the participants are in contention for a Top 8 Final Cut position, the Admin team has the ability to grant up to a 10-minute extension to permit the match completion at their discretion. This proactive communication falls on the responsibility of the participants collectively to communicate to the Admins within the last 10 minutes of the round to further the match with a 10-minute extension. If the participants still have not finished their match by the end of the extension time, the match will result in a Draw. If the participants do not communicate with the Administration or register a correct final score before the round timer is over, the match will result in a Draw. Additionally, all matches that are broadcasted as a featured match live on the Twitch stream are also permitted to fully complete, regardless of all time limits due to production standards and expectations. All Top 8 matches will be permitted to play out in full.
  • Please let the Head Judges know in the CommunityGaming chat who won.
  • Prize payouts will arrive typically between 5-10 business days after the event concludes.

Please use the #help-me for assistance or questions by pinging @Tourney Staff. @tournament-notify

The bracket will be viewable on this page after the tournament starts.

Reach out to [email protected] with any questions.

Prize Information

Prizing will be sent out within 5-10 business days after the tournament ends using PayPal.