Marvel Snap Card Variants

Adam Warlock
After each turn, draw a card if you're winning here.
Ongoing: Your highest-Power cards have +2 Power.
Colleen Wing
On Reveal: Discard the lowest-cost card from your hand.
Ongoing: +2 Power for each card in your opponent's deck.
Ongoing: Your cards are always revealed last. (Their On Reveal abilities happen last.)
High Evolutionary
At the start of the game, unlock the potential of your cards with no abilities.
Iron Lad
On Reveal: Copy the text of your deck's top card.
Master Mold
On Reveal: Add 2 Sentinel to your opponent's hand.
When this is destroyed, add a copy to each other location.
I'm gonna blast you!
Silver Surfer
On Reveal: Give your other 3-Cost cards +2 Power.
On Reveal: Set this card’s Power equal to that of the last card you played. (if that card's in play)