Thor Drac O'Naut


Deck I used to climb from 80 to infinite. The idea behind this deck is to curve out to push early power then thor/dracula in to win another lane. The thor package and wasp makes dracula very consistent and gives the deck a second wincon when you don’t find infinaut or dracula.

There’s a lot of ways to build this as long as you can keep a consistent curve to enable dracula:

Core build: Wasp, angela, bishop, thor, jane, dracula, infinaut, mysterio

Card options: greengoblin/ironman/okoye/chavez/wolfsbane/ironman/magik/sera. I also tried a small destroy package with hood/nova/carnage/killmonger over wing/mysterio/mojo/sunspot/antman to get extra triggers on angela locations and to tokens because this deck consistently fills the board.

The play pattern is usually:

  • T1 sunspot or antman if the first location is one you will play into
  • Angela another lane or if you must play mysterio/wing (with wasp) to stay on curve but they are stronger with bishop on the board.
  • t3 bishop in a lane you won’t be dropping dracula or thor
  • t4 and 5 the thors into your angela or bishop lane if you don’t draw either play dracula or 2 drops.
  • t6 mojo to cap out a lane along side dracula in another, or in the rare case you don’t have dracula and passed turn 5 play infinaut from hand with mjolnir and wasp